“Taking up singing lessons is one of the best things I ever did. I always loved to sing but since starting lessons with you 5 years ago my confidence has grown and my vocal ability is more than I ever thought possible. You are perfectly aware of my capabilities and push me to realize them, which is something I have seen you do with so many others.  I have watched with much interest over the years as you younger pupils have developed into some pretty special singers. You must be very proud.  It’s a pleasure to have been part of the little family you have created in the choir and I cannot imagine life without it now. I am very much looking forward to all the opportunities that are sure to some our way thanks to all the hard work you put into us. Thanks x”

“Sharon Richards is a hero to all her students. Fab artist and musician in her own right. Amazing vocal coach. Thank you Sharon for taking Francesca on bringing her vocals out only as you can…Much love xxxx”

“Sharon teaches my three daughters and has taught my eldest Paris for over twelve years since she was six years old. It’s with her help and outstanding coaching Paris has been accepted into one of London’s top Theatrical Drama Schools…. I cannot express enough Sharon’s ability to bring out the best in her students, she is not only professional but has such a lovely manner that the girls love her to bits”

“Sharon has been teaching my daughter for 8 yrs now. She has supported her through 7 concerts and I have watched my daughter gain more confidence in her vocal ability year after year. She is a great role model and a fantastic singing teacher and has become a good friend”

“ I would just like to thank you for continually supporting Libby with her singing. Your constant praise, encouragement and integrity has and continues to build Libby’s confidence and self esteem, not just with singing but in all aspects of her life! Libby always looks forward to her singing lesson, not only to sing but to see you too! You are a true professional and profoundly dedicated to each and every one of your students! Here’s to another fun filled exciting year!! Thank you Sharon xx”