About Sharon Richards

About Sharon

I am a professional vocal coach who dedicates everything to teaching my skills and knowledge to a range of singers, dancers, actors and people who just love to sing. I have travelled the world using my voice, and many years ago decided to use what I love the most to help others become what they want to be. I adore my job, it is my passion, I class every single one of my singers as family. I teach individual lessons throughout the week in my music room studio, helping my singers to achieve many different goals, I focus on the more modern approach to singing, and have a range of methods in the way I teach, which is tailored to the needs of my singers. Additionally, every other Sunday I run a modern choir which has a variety of ages, with around 45 members. We do many shows, charity events, performances around Doncaster which we are highly proud of, we are involved in many different Doncaster events! I run a Bentley community choir of an older generation on a Monday night who also perform at different type of events. I am a vocal coach at New College Pontefract and Doncaster, where I spend my time teaching a huge range of singers of different styles and abilities. I have many students successfully studying at major London dance, acting and singing schools. Personally, I have taught a member of one of the current biggest boy bands in the world and I frequently lend my skills to teaching in recording studios assisting with producing and arranging harmonies for bands and singers. I am also part of many art projects, and frequently take on several commissions for writing, composing and musical directing projects. Singing is very important to me, and as is reflecting my feelings on to my up and coming performers!

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After starting a family in 1998, travel was no longer possible so using my years of training and many musical qualifications, I decided to teach.

Sharon has never looked back and has a very successful Singing School with over 100 students, from professional singers to dancers to actors and many more. Sharon’s lively and effective way of using the voice has many success stories with students on TV, Radio and even one of the most successful boy bands ever!

Sharon has particular expertise in studio work with professional musicians. Sharon Richards is also a member of PRS.