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Private Vocal Coaching

There is a variety of private coaching tuitions from one to one, two to one and group sessions.

Join My Choir

Sharon leads several choirs and has built them into successful working groups for the last 5 years.

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Meet Sharon

Hi I’m Sharon Richards. I’ve been a professional singer for over 25 years, studying singing, piano and flute from a very young age. Since starting my own singing school i’ve never looked back and now have over 100 students, from professional singers to dancers to actors and many more. My lively and effective way of using the voice has many success stories with students on TV, radio and even the most successful boy band ever.


Sharon Richards

Sharon Richards Singing School


From theatre workshops, dance schools and drama groups who need to improve their singing skills all benefit from a tailor made workshop which suits their needs.

Singing for therapy

With many of my students suffering with anxiety, depressions, general mental health issues and learning disabilities, singing has proven to be very beneficial and enjoyable. Providing a lesson to suit them has produced great results. This service improves social skills, confidence and general well being. 

Sharon Richards Singing School Choir

With over 40 singers of all ages from 7 to 70, they enjoy performing at all kinds of events from “flashmob” surprises, to engagements and weddings. Providing an eclectic mix of songs from musicals to rock to up to date pop songs, they are a very lively and upbeat group and create an amazing atmosphere wherever they perform.


My daughter Amelia who is 8 loves her singing lessons with Sharon. I asked Amelia why she enjoyed these lessons “they are awesome, great fun, we have a laugh while I learn all the things to sing better. Sharon lets me sing songs I enjoy then suggests songs that I don’t know that I always love. I can hear my singing is improving.” What Amelia probably is unaware of is the singing lessons have massively improved her self-confidence and mood. My daughter struggles with direct teaching due to the form of Autism she has, a lot of teachers struggle to work with her, however Sharon effortlessly adapts her teaching to Amelia. We highly recommend Sharon it’s so important that music is taught in a positive and supportive way .
Fiona Durdy
Student's Parent.
Sharon began teaching my son James at the age of 14, right from the beginning his voice gained more technique and stability which inevitably made his confidence grow within singing. Her experience has allowed James to work on finding longevity in his singing. Sharon has helped James all the way from Doncaster to a prestigious school for music in London where James gets to sing professionally everyday. Sharon was able to tutor James in music theory and helped study for his audition. Sharon isn’t only a teacher she is a great woman, who is passionate about her work . Sharon is also a close friend of James’s now and we as his family will be grateful for all her hard work over the years and I think it goes without saying, completely worth every penny.
Corinne & Alistair Banks
Student's Parent.

We have always known that Charlotte had a voice but what Sharon has done with her is remarkable!! She now has the tools and the confidence to use it and is singing things she never dreamed of singing!! Thank you Sharon, you’re amazing!
Claire Day
Student's Parent.